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Due to demand we have now got Flex Passes for acting classes which allows you to drop into any program and never miss a beat!  No more worries about committing to a specific timeline, come and go as you please. 

Shakespeare Class Just Added


Join us for University Level Shakespeare with sought after industry teacher, Sharon M Stone.  This class is sure to light a fire in your inner self.  

Audition Technique Class Just Added


The idea of an audition both excites you and terrifies you?  This class is for everyone, new and experienced.  Do you book auditions but not get the booking?  This class will teach you what casting directors want to see: engaging, outstanding and memorable auditions.

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Acting Classes

Calgary Acting Classes



Group Acting Classes in Calgary: 

Location: 333 17 Ave SW Lower Level Studio

Certificate upon successful completion!!!

1. Acting For Film Essentials (Actors and Models)(Ages 16 and up)  $420

(payment plans available)

4 weeks evenings 6-10pm  

Thursday Class:

May 23/19-June 20/19 SOLD OUT

Wednesday's 6:30pm-9:30pm 5 Weeks

May 22/19-June 19/19

July 3/19-August 7/19

** This course introduces the student to monologues, slating, character development, identity development and sense memory.  The student is guided through the process of picking their monologue, scoring it and putting truth into it in the process of bringing it to life. Rehearsal and study is required outside 

* Our students work with the GREEN SCREEN and Camera 

2. Scene Study Essentials(Ages 16 and up)  $315 (7 weeks)

Times: 2:30-4:30pm


 Students learn through doing partnered scene work.  They will learn character development, scene development, improvisation and scoring.  The students will work to demonstrate truthful acting through a series of techniques.  Some outside rehearsal is required. 

January 20,2019-March 10, 2019 NO Class February 17

March 17,2019-May 5, 2019  NO Class April 21st Easter

May 12, 2019-June 30 2019  NO Class May 19th (May Long)

July 7, 2019-August 25, 2019  NO Class August 4th

Sundays 10am-12pm

January 6/19 - February 17/19 SOLD OUT

February 24/19-April 7/19 SOLD OUT


3.  Improvisation For Actors and Fun (Ages 16 and up) $299 Levels 1-6

 (DROP INS AVAILABLE:  Please Inquire) 

(Ages 14-85) Level 1 is 12 hours and levels 2-6 are 15 hours up to Level 6.  

Friday's hours 6-9pm 

Available Dates:  


April 12/19-May 17/19  Level 4 NO Class April 19 Easter

May 24/19-June 21/19 Level 5  

July 5/19- August 9/19 Level 6 

SUNDAY'S:  9:15am-12:15pm

February 8/19-March 8/19 Level 1

March 15/19-April 5/19 Level 2

We offer 6 Comedic Improv Levels:  After Level 1 then there is an intermediate level and conservatory program

Level 1 Ensemble, Trust and Play

Level 2 Sense Memory and Scene Work

Level 3 Scene Work Intermediate

Level 4 Sense Memory and Character Work

Level 5 Character Development Intermediate

​Level 6 Performance 15 minute

WARNING:  Be prepared for gut wrenching belly laughs in a great learning environment filled with like minded people.


1. Beginner Level 1 works with Ensemble Building and Play:  working with "Yes, and..." as well as learning the basic rules and setting a foundation on which to grow upon. Focus will be on building an ensemble within the group through improvisation games, which will improve focus, concentration, comfort in social settings and improving confidence.

2. Beginner level 2 works with Basic Scene Work:  students will learn to use truthful emotion, how to listen to understand, rather than listening to respond, as well as to continue to hone skills from level 1.   Students will also begin their self exploration through identity work which includes knowing themselves through physical, social, psychological and emotional aspects.  Students will explore their 5 senses to activate them to their true potential, as we tend to do a lot of activities in a mechanical routine.  

3.  Beginner Level 3 works with Identity and Character Work.  Students will develop a solid foundation of their Identity and explore it through 5 factors which are social, physical, psychological, moral and emotional work.  This will closely tie into learning how to create a character from ground up  utilizing character point of view, character emotions and building character backstories to include truthful emotions.  Students will also explore physical actions and emotional reactions.

4.  Beginner Level 4 works with Character Work: students will go into character building focusing on psychological, social, moral and emotional aspect, paying attention to character's physical movements and traits.  As well, students will work on basics of creating character relationships.   These relationships will be built through past and current experiences.  Truthful feelings will be put into these relationships.

5.  Beginner Level 5 Advanced Scene Work with Character Development Performance.  

6.  Beginner Level 6 Performance 20 minute performance and 3 minute monologue.   Performance:  Students will take everything they have learned in the 4 first levels to put together a play, under the teacher's direction. 

4.  Shakespeare Technique $389 (6 weeks)  Saturday's 3:00pm-5:45pm

April 27/19June 1/19

June 8/19-July 21/19

 This program helps students to understand and speak heightened language so that an audience will listen, enjoy and appreciate one's performance.  Students focus on one monologue in each 6 week program.  Students learn how to listen and respond to each other in partnered scene work.  language so that an audience will listen, enjoy and appreciate one's performance.  Students will focus one one monologue in each 6 week session, as well as work with partners in scene work.   

5.  Auditioning Technique $630 (12 weeks). Saturday's 6:15pm-8:15pm

April 27/19-July 21/19

This class is geared to assist you with perfecting your auditioning style.   Each week you will be given a new selection of scenes to shoot and share with the group. You will get immediate feedback and will work on camera and have playback feedback on a tv.  You will be working with different techniques and strategies.  Students work  with different genres.

6. Triple Threat Program :  ACTORS

 (Ages 16 and up) we offer beginner Triple Threat and a Master Program, inquire for more details.

November, 2018 Start(evening Program)

February 2019(Evening Program or Weekends)


​What you will learn:  

Through a combination of teachings, Uta Hagen and Stanislavski techniques we will explore method acting in great detail. We will cover essentials including concentration, breathing, relaxation, character and scene development, identity, scoring, sense memory, emotional recall, three entrances and substitution. This program also includes mindful meditation and improvisation.  You will also study introduction to movement, dialect and vocal.  These techniques will then be used in object exercises, monologue's and  scene work. 

This course requires outside study.  Prerequisite:  Acting For Film Essentials

WARNING: Be prepared for an amazing learning curve, loads of fun and working with like minded individuals, many of whom will become like family... if you don't like family, maybe this is not the class for you.  

7.  Fall and Winter Kids and Teens Acting Classes 

​8 Week Course $420

Sunday's 11:00am-12:15pm Ages 4-9

Sunday's 12:30-2:15pm Ages 10-15

March 3/19-April 28/19 No Class Easter

May 12/19-July 7/19 No Class July long

This course has many benefits for your child which include:  strengthening self confidence, establishing excellent speaking skills, engaging with others, listening kills and improvisation.  They will learn how to express their feelings within a circle of trust.  Work with monologues and scene work, using the green screen and camera.

7.  Improv To Relieve and Manage Anxiety  and Depression

8 Week Course $300

Sunday's 3:30-5:30pm

February 3,2019 -March 24, 2019

 This program is designed to help people with anxiety and depression.  Through a series of ensemble building games, you learn many tools to assist you with managing and improving anxiety and depression.  We take things very slow to ensure you are comfortable.  This program has assisted hundreds of people just like you.  You will learn to let go of fears and being judges through a positive learning environment whee we accept and appreciate our failures.  This program works with the "Yes, and...." technique.

8.  MASTER'S ACTING PROGRAM:  Must audition.  Please call for details.  Program starting end of May and Septemper.

9.  One-on-One Private Coaching

Available by appointment only.

$90/hour (This rate applies when a package of 4 is purchased)

$140/hour (This rate applies when less than 4 are purchased)

Please note, to be successful in any of our programs, mandatory attendance is 90%, unless otherwise approved by your instructor

Refund Policy:   Deposit required at time of enrollment and payment plans are available.  Should a class go on sale, after you have purchased, we do not offer refunds on the difference, as not all sales are planned, except our Boxing Week Sale.  All payments made are final.  No refunds on payments.  Exchange Only for the same or lesser amount.  All classes are EXCHANGE ONLY for the period of 1 year from date of purchase.

All classes take place at our downtown studio on 17th Avenue, unless otherwise notified.

OFFICE and SCHOOL Closed Dates

  • New Year's Day
  • Family Day
  • Spring Break (Kids)
  • Easter
  • April 19-21
  • Canada Day
  • Civic Holiday
  • Labour Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Holidays
    DEC 23-January 3
  • New Year's Eve
    DEC31 how to become an actor drama school


Acting Essentials

C$ 420.00

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A unique walking tour of the City with time to enjoy lunch and shopping too! Maximize your sightseeing with this exceptional tour.


Improv(All Course Levels)

C$ 299.00

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A unique walking tour of the City with time to enjoy lunch and shopping too! Maximize your sightseeing with this exceptional tour.

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