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We have many opportunities on shows, movies, tv shows, documentaries and modelling brands.  

To become part of our busy and uber successful roster please fill out the form below or call us at 587-952-5032 to arrange an interview.  At your interview

We have successfully placed thousands of people, just like you, on tv shows, movies, commercials and modeling opportunities, both Nationally and Internationally.

Live your dreams today, don't miss out on any opportunities!   We represent the best in every field, become part of our elite successful team.

Do's and Don'ts On Set


We are holding ongoing auditions in Calgary for Agency representation!  With hundreds of casting calls, we are always seeking new faces.

Agency Advice:

Do's and Dont's:


Show up on time

sign in/sign out

Arrive camera ready:  Clean hair done natural and light make up ladies

Arrive prepared for weather:  Check the weather forecast and have extra clothes for alternative weather(Bring Umbrella)

Be prepared: bring 3 wardrobe choices(don't forget shoes/boots)

Put Universal Talent Connection on form and know our address and our number and email

Have SIN/work permit

Bring a book or quiet entertainment(take headphones)

Be professional and respectful of others

Report illness/injuries

Smoke in designated area only/use ashtrays provided

Return props/wardrobe

Enjoy and learn!



Never be late

Do not bring valuables to set

Do not ask for autographs

Do not GOSSIP!

Do not sleep while waiting

Do not bring a camera

Do not look into the camera

Do not talk when they are shooting

Do not disturb the actors

Do not wander around set

Do not leave the designated extras holding area without notifying your casting associate

Do not have any other commitment that day/evening(Must be available all day and evening)

Do not leave set early(You will be notified when you are done)

Do not have cell ringer on or any other noises

Build Your Talent Resume



What can you do to build your talent resume? 

1.  Perform pro bono for non-profit organizations.

2.  Don't stop at personal presentations. Write an article for your local paper, or have them interview you.

3.  Review your marketing materials periodically. Do they say the same thing as hundreds of other performers? Or do they characterize you in a distinctive, personal, professional way?

4.  Take Improvisation and Acting Classes.

What should be on your talent resume?

1.  Your name in large, bold letters. Followed by your contact info, height, weight, hair color, eye color, and union associations.  Make it 8x10 and stick to one page.

2.  Training - Where you studied and what kind of program. If you've had quality acting training, directors are liable to take you more seriously.

3.  Special skills - Do you speak another language? Do you play an instrument? Can you drive a car? Those are all special skills.

4.  Credits - The roles you had in plays, musicals, films, TV shows, commercials, voiceovers, etc. Don't have a lot of experience? 

 No Experience?

We offer acting classes in method acting and improvisation, join us today.

Everyone has to start somewhere.  If you have no experience, then go down to your local community theater and ask to volunteer on set or volunteer to be in a student film. Consider becoming a movie extra.

How you present your experience is also very valuable. Chances are, you've done some acting somewhere. In high school, or an acting class, or a high school acting class, whatever the case...

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