Calgary Summer Day Camp


Calgary Summer Camps


The Best You Can Be Program"

Children's Summer Camps  Ages 8-15

Class Location: 333 17 Ave SW


Price:  $349.00

Dates available: 

July8/19-July 12/19  Shakespeare WAIT LIST ONLY

July 15/19-July 19/19  Monologues and Acting Techniques  WAIT LIST ONLY

July 22/19-July 26/19 Shakespeare

August 12/19 - August 16/19  Scene Study

August 19/19-August 23/19 Audition technique

1 WEEK Summer Camp:  


Your child will learn through our interactive hands on approach which includes working with developing key character traits:

Ensemble Building and Play through Improvisation and Acting games and techniques

 Learn and use, "Yes, and..." which will allow students to entertain others ideas and build on ideas

 Mindful meditation 

Daily affirmations and gratitude journaling


Vision boards and goal setting

Being "present" and aware of ones actions, reactions and thoughts

Working on self identity and character development

Sense Memory Exercises:  through exercises students will strengthen their senses

Outdoor nature mindful walks and/or outside activi summer day camp Calgary theater

Summer Day Camp


Summer Camp Benefits:

improved self confidence 

enhanced communication skills

engaging with others 

enhanced listening skills 

improved eye contact 

‚Äčimproved focus and concentration 

lowered stress and anxiety 

increased comfort in social settings 

confident public speaking

improved "presence" 

improved meditation skills 

gut wrenching belly laughs

improved decision making skills

enhanced imagination 

increased ability to overcome your fear of failure

enhanced brainstorming skills

increased ability to tap into your intuition

improved creativity

power of positive thinking

having a tonne of fun while becoming "The BEST You Can Be" 

improved improvisation skills

improved acting skills

Enroll your child today in our summer day camp!

Deposit required at time of enrolment and financial aid is available for payments.  All payments made are final.  No refunds.  Exchange Only for the same or lesser amount.  All classes are EXCHANGE ONLY for the period of 1 year from date of purchase.