Be The Best You Can Be: Acting Classes in Calgary


"Be The Best You Can Be Program"

Children's Programs Ages 3-15

We offer 10 week programs and 6 month programs.


"Confidence and Leadership Success Program"

If you require a payment plan please call Vivian at 587-952-5032.  

Class Location:  333-17 Ave SW (Lower Level of Mainstreet Building)

Level 1 Investment:  $530 

10 Weeks: Sundays: 

September 15/19-November 24/19 NO CLASS Thanksgiving Sunday

CLASS TIMES: All Ages :   2pm to 4pm

Level 2: December 1/19-February 16/20

Sunday’s:  CLASS TIMES: All Ages  2pm to 4pm

Below you will see our beginner programs from levels 1-5.  All beginners are encouraged to begin in Level 1 and work their way through.  Each Level runs for 10 weeks.

1. Beginner Level 1:  Ensemble Building and Play  

What Your Child Will Learn:

> "Yes, and..." Philosophy which teaches kids to accept what's been presented to them and expand on the story.

 > Focus will be on building an ensemble within the group through improvisation games, which will improve focus, concentration, comfort in social settings and improving confidence.  

>learn to break down acting scripts and analyze the text

> Character development

>This program includes mindfulness meditation, gratitude and "I AM" affirmation journals.

>students put on a parent performance at the end of the program

2. Beginner Level 2:  Basic Scene Work and Identity

What Your Child Will Learn:

>Students learn to use truthful emotion, how to listen to understand, rather than listening to respond, as well as to continue to hone skills from level 1

 >Students will also begin their self exploration through identity work which includes knowing themselves through physical, social, psychological and emotional aspects.  

>Students will explore their 5 senses to activate them to their true potential, as we tend to do a lot of activities in a mechanical routine. 

> Students will continue to understand analyzing text in a script

>work on developing the scene: time, Place, world events, fashion, weather, etc.

>students put on a parent performance at the end of the program

3.  Beginner Level 3 works with Identity and Character Work.  

>Students will develop a solid foundation of their Identity and explore it through 5 factors which are social, physical, psychological, moral and emotional work.  This will closely tie into learning how to create a character from ground up  utilizing character point of view, character emotions and building character backstories to include truthful emotions.  

>Students will also explore physical actions and emotional reactions.

>students put on a parent performance at the end of the program

4.  Beginner Level 4 works with Character Work with Relationships: 

>students will go into character building focusing on psychological, social, moral and emotional aspect, paying attention to character's physical movements and traits.  

>students will work on basics of creating character relationships.   These relationships will be built through past and current experiences.  Truthful feelings will be put into these relationships.

>students will be working with monologues and partnered scene work

>students put on a parent performance at the end of the program

5.  Beginner Level 5 Advanced Scene Work with Character Development and Performance:  Students will take everything they have learned in the 4 first levels to put together a 20-30 minute play, under the teacher's direction.  

>students will work with costumes and props


Classes and programs are exchange only.  Once registered in a program with a deposit and signed agreement, there are no refunds if you miss a class, but we will do our best to exchange the class.  Must give minimum 48 hours notice to Exchange.




  • improved self confidence 
  • enhanced communication skills
  • engaging with others 
  • enhanced listening skills 
  • improved eye contact 
  • ​improved focus and concentration 
  • lowered stress and anxiety 
  • increased comfort in social settings 
  • confident public speaking
  • improved "presence" 
  • improved meditation skills 
  • gut wrenching belly laughs
  • improved decision making skills
  • enhanced imagination 
  • increased ability to overcome your fear of failure
  • enhanced brainstorming skills
  • increased ability to tap into your intuition
  • improved creativity
  • power of positive thinking
  • having a tonne of fun while becoming "The BEST You Can Be" 
  • improved improvisation skills
  • improved acting skills